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Jun 05

Who We Are

Why We Are Here:

This website was created for all the talented writers who haven’t yet made it into a “Best Sellers” list, but could (and should.)

We created Write-A-Holic with the hope that it will become a rich and caring community of people who value the art of writing.  Our goal is to become the place in which you can find comfort whenever you feel discouraged,  and useful tips to get you going whenever you feel stuck.

Additionally, we hope that you will enjoy reading our work, and that it will inspire, move you, and make you smile, as we cultivate together our passion for writing.

Our Website:

Write-A-Holic is divided into sections:

To Read:

Your best work, our best work! We already started receiving many poems, so you should feel proud if we decide to post one of yours!

Short Stories:
We have countless stories to choose from, but we try to only include the ones that touch or surprise us.

Our Favorites:
In this section, we review the stories, music, poetry and movies that have inspired us, or touched us in some way. Don’t read us if you want the traditional review, because you won’t find it here. We only offer our most heartfelt and sometimes irrational eulogies for the works we love.

Book Peeks:
Dedicated to excerpts of published books you can check out, and interviews with authors who haven’t made it into the New York Times’ Bestseller list, but should, in our humble opinion.

To Write:

Writing Tips:
With more than 20 blogs on his track record, Timothy Matias is definitely our man when it comes to learning the nuts and bolts of this craft. We hope you will find his tips useful, but feel free to send some of your own tips our way.

Useful Links:
Resources that we find helpful, interesting, or simply entertaining. Let us know if there is any other online resource we should link to!

Write For Us!
The section in which you can submit your work. You will become a member of our community and will have the opportunity to be read by thousands of people – yes, we have that many page views. What are you waiting for?

New section on National Novel Writing Month, with advice, encouragement, thoughts about the “competition” and the chronicling of Valentina’s efforts to finish the first draft of her novel.

Philosophical Musings:
We all like to get philosophical sometimes… and this is our/your space to unleash our over-sensitive minds!

Our Writers:
Our club of Write-A-Holics. Send us a piece we like, and you’ll be one of us.

Write-A-Holics are gregarious creatures. We like to meet and share our adventures (and misadventures, if that’s a word) with our fellow writers. You are welcome to join us if you pass by the Bay Area.

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