Sep 15

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A secret

“I’ll tell you my secret…

Photographer: Giorgia Pallaro


I am not so strong.

I live a lie, saying it doesn’t hurt everyday.
The truth is hidden, when you ask if I’m okay.
I say what you want, and look away.

Outside I’ll smile, it won’t have to last long.
Dust off your shoulders son, stand up if you fall.
I get back on my feet, because I will not crawl.
I’m surrounded by people, in this empty hall.

I’ll look you in the eyes and say that I’m fine.
Watch you walk away, and break inside.
The tears are for me, in myself I confide.
It’s easier this way, if it’s all left inside.

An old wound opens, you’re no longer mine.
Standing there, hand in hand.
Gold on your finger, your lovely band.
I’m long gone from your heart, footprints in the sand.

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