Jun 17

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My emotions are floating, like a butterfly
Beautiful but sharp and unpredictable
When will they finally land and be at peace
Relaxing and showing my wings
To the one person that sees me as pretty
Delicate to touch
Don’t squeeze me too tightly
You cannot catch me
I’ll fly to you

I cannot remember how many times
I’ve flown the other way
Hiding the things I should have said
Some mistakes are simply easy to repeat

This time is different
I flew to you

Emptying my locked up soul
Treasure and skulls
Accepting me as a whole
It’s my heart you stole
And I’ll play my role
In our happiness

I flutter around endlessly
Emotions I’ve never felt
Pushing and pulling me
Like a drug I cannot sober up from
I tell myself this is how I’m supposed to feel
This is how a butterfly flows through the wind of life

It’s the one thing I understand fully
Yet lack the tools to calm it down
They’ve never been made
My brain is reforming
My body is warming
I anticipate what’s forth coming
Over the hill and around the trees
The path is hard to see

I don’t want to know what’s next
Keep making me feel my best
Bring out the angels and demons
They’ve been locked up screaming
An emotionally fight I’m going to win
Fluttering day by day in the wind
You make me feel like a butterfly.

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