Sep 29

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The air was cold, unusually cold for a summer night in Minnesota. The sky however, was clear and made a perfect night to curl up next to someone. Feel them close to you as your soul repairs itself from being so far away from each other. True love is so powerful, more powerful than all the emotions you can muster compounded together.

True love is also the rarest.

She lay there next to me, sleeping in my arms — the small fire we had lit burned softly into the shadows.

Her delicate skin against mine, this was it. The moment I had waited so long for. I looked down at her and played with her hair. The firelight making shadows over her body. The white tank she wore clung tight to her, her chest rising and lowering quietly as she played with my chest. The soft sleeping bag beneath us protecting us from the cold grasp of the night. Our bodies creating the only heat inside the bag. I looked down at her, and swung my body over her, straddling her. I looked harder, waning to let in all her beauty, not let even a small particle of her essence go unnoticed. There I was, running my fingers lightly over her cheeks, and down her neck.

Photographer: Xavier Mazellier

“Do you love me?” I asked her, averting my eyes from her own.
“Of course I do. “ She smiled as she looked at me. Grabbed my hand and rubbed it against her face.
“I have a secret you know” I looked away from her, my heart racing inside its cage.
“What is it?” She asked. She stopped rubbing her face against my hand and looked back at me.
I stared back, biting my lip.“The hunger sometimes takes me, it isn’t something that I can control all the time.”
“What are you talking about?” She asked as she pulled away from me.
I pulled my body to her own, keeping her tight to me. “That overwhelming urge to bring someone close to you and drain the life out of them. The energies inside them coalescing with each other and flowing into you as one pure source.”

She stiffened beneath me. My hands shivered at the thought of the ecstasy that would ensue. I brushed her hair back over her ear as she trembled in my arms. The smell of fear is intoxicating you see. “It isn’t enough to simply take the energies, you need to be close to get the real good effects. Fear and hate are only so fulfilling. It’s love you see. Love that makes me stronger and more powerful.”

Her eyes darted to me quickly, I met hers with mine. Her heart raced inside, pounding against my chest. I chuckled to myself. “Don’t fill that pretty head with too many thoughts, it’s your love that I need, a creature such as myself is incapable of such emotions.” My hand shook with anticipation, the touch of her soft skin against my fingertips lulled me in closer. Placing my lips upon her skin, and breathing in her aroma, I sighed in relief.

Finally, I would taste it again. I pulled my lips over my teeth, dragging them over her skin, gently biting her as I took her essence into my body. Warmth poured out from her, she took in a deep breath and writhed underneath my body. “Too late.” I whispered too her, and gently bit her on the lobe of her ear. Her soft skin against my lips making me shiver. I could feel the animal coming out, my eyes rolled back into my head and back again.

The power, the control.

Fury, and rage seething behind them. She stopped moving.

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