Jun 06

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Finding Your Niche

When you really get into writing, you might find that simply thinking about all of the different topics you could tackle makes your head spin. There’s journalism, poetry, play-writing, songwriting, novels, short stories, biographies, blurbs, blogging, and a myriad of other mediums through which you can express yourself. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless: you can write about cooking, eating, shopping, playing video games, your bug collection, or delve into detailed descriptions of the way your cat’s wiskers seem to curl upwards when he sees you.

If you have as much creative potential as the editing team of Write-A-Holic and its contributors, it’s likely you’re having difficulty finding the niche, or even niches through which you can let your creative energy shine.

To prevent yourself from becoming a literary jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none, it’s critical that you be specialized in your writing, and that your writing remains as focused as possible.

Finding your writing niche is a lot like finding love, especially as defined by Robert Sternberg in his Triangular Theory of Love:


Write about topics that you are intimate (familiar) with. This is a good foundation for quality writing, in that the more you know about a topic, the more accurately you can convey ideas about it, and the more thorough and elegant you are able to be.

Having a great deal of knowledge on the topics you write about also provides you with a strong repertoire so that you can keep the momentum, writing follow-up posts linked to your previous ones and elaborating on that topic, to providing readers with a more complete understanding of your cat’s whiskers, if that’s what you like to write about.


Write about topic you are passionate about! If you lack a strong enthusiasm for writing, and particularly for what you are writing about, the readers are bound ot notice, and your writing will be monotone, bland, and lacking of emotional substance. To ensure that readers react positively and enthusiastically to your writing, being passionate about what you write is an absolute must!


While being intimate and passionate about you write are the most important elements of finding your niche, ensuring that your writing continues building momentum in the long-term requires  follow-through, and for that you need commitment. Finding a niche that satisfies this aspect of your love for writing might prove to be the most challenging aspect of writing, as our interests tend to change and evolve throughout life. However, once you are able to find that one topic (or topics) that you could write about forever, it will be sure to show!

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