Feb 18

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For The Great Ones

Photographer: Kristian Bodker

Pacing to and fro
Back and forth
On and on
Wearing a track in the earth beneath your feet
Your eyes are still wild
The embers still burn
Within you a map of the jungle
Smolders in your brain
Your spirit knows the way
Were it not for these damned cages
And two-legs with tranquillizers
And sly narcotics
You know the truth is the Jungle Law
And that they violate its every tenet
With their screaming cubs that clamor and climb
Like monkeys
And they call YOU a beast?
Your heart is free
If your legs are chained
Your spirit is wild
If your body caged
And though they may take you and keep you
They can never take the jungle out of you
And the deep primal rumbles
Mourning your loss
Do not always fall on deaf ears


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