Jun 09

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I Dream Of You!

My heart awash in breathless silence, a tranquil dream of you
Our words echoed in resounding emotion, this love a dream come true
Lost in crystal candidity, consummation now our goal
The truth committed wholehearted to us, this mystic trust has made us whole

Words conveyed the meaning limited, but souls speak where the language fails
Heart against heart, the beatings wield, a rhythmed path to be fulfilled
Holding steady, the moment preserved, Turned from dream to reality
Too good to be true, yet here you are, my angelic soulmate in front of me

I dream of you, my heart filled with joy, hoping you also dream of me
That in our dreams our hearts become one, manifesting ecstasy
Though undeserved this precious moment, longing still to make it last
The whole world now stretched bright before us, camouflaging a wretched past

In this dream our love empowered, a subtle tease of days to come
Euphoria of emotions overwhelmed, entranced as two become one
Love returned anew from sojourn, salvaged an ocean of prodigality
Betwixt my desire and weakness to you, I know you’re the only one for me

If there be a price for eternal happiness, my soul indeed is owed to you
For in the light of your tender embrace, my heart made whole anew
Requite this debt a lifetime needed, each day a delight to repay
My heart, my soul, my essence yours, though words cannot suffice to say

How much I love you!

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