Jul 13

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And she didn’t want the doctor to know
The drugs hidden in her veins
Her stomach and her brain
Naked, bruised from being beat
Signs of rape in her unconsious sleep
Saline drip to dilute the numb pain
Adrenaline to keep the heart pumping
Mom crying in the corner
Staring at me with a plead of help
As I lift her daughter up for the x-ray
The mom gets on her knees to pray
Not caring about the radiation
Just wanting to stay
But she can’t be near
She can’t hear what the doctor has to say
Officers take her out of the room
I Set her daughter back onto the cassette
Time passing in slow motion
As I set up the x-ray machine
Eyes roll back into her head
Siezing body shaking in the bed
Beeping stops
Heart rate drops
Instant CPR
Flushed red in my face
Screams in closed cramped space
My roommate takes over for me
Sweat falls, knowing the mom has lost it all
I back my machine away
Passing the mom nervously
She is shouting questions in worry
One look into her eyes
I grin “I’m sorry”
And she starts to cry.
Then to my surprise we get a beep
Rushing back before she falls again to sleep
X-ray exposed, an image is formed
“You’re Central Line looks good”
More drugs are administered
I pull away from my machine, look at my list
“room 7 is next”
Sweat starts to dry
But on my way there
A rush of men in blue
I look back to the trauma room
And hear someone say
“Some people just can’t be saved”

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