Jun 18

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Enchanted by your simple grace, entranced in shameless gaze
My eyes locked helpless in surrender, my soul now caught ablaze
Serendipitous silence fashioned, our fate in volatile skies abode
You my light in darkness twisted, I forever acquiesced as yours

Life a fearful melancholy, yet to that emptiness you reside
Time forgotten in your arms, I am comforted by your side
The world my hell unwanted gift, but you my savior undeserved
Where once would lay a pitted gap, my heart now born anew in you

In mystery you shed my naivety, exposing the world uncharted
My love still fresh from life’s womb, my life still not yet started
Empassioned with desire from the fountains of your youth
Your breath of life, love, and joy consumes me!

In a life where all is lost or recanted, you my karmic spirit indwelled
The life unworthy of living without, love for you my heart now swelled
Where tortuous mundane did once reside, your smile effortlessly excites
Where one I lived in a purgatory crestfallen, you are my angel

My true bird of paradise, my flowering pristinity, my eagle’s wings

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