Jun 08

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The Dreamer

Another day lost to the Dreamer, his whisper a subtle closure negate
Climaxed at the peak of a jaded euphoria, despair recanted a simple wish
Wrinkles Lost in the depths of time, yet even Time a victim to conditioning
Nexus to none, the day swept away, the Memory a forgotten heartless sign

Immortal Untouchable condescend, the impromptu Dreamer’s play!
Devoid of meaning beyond the moment, his Memory in fossil shall stay
Inconsequence the Fool of fidelity avoided, Now as Then as Will Be!
Naught of his entice will remain to know, a fragment lost at the Turn of each day.

Wilt you to suffice the Dreamer’s intangibility
With each day that passes anticipate, his Love passed on in the lucidly abstract
His heart a rampant volatile truth, His life an art of dynamia trampled
Each day born anew, his heart a melancholic match forgeable.

Saturated in the deep waters of identity reconstitute, a new day his reckoning
The price of creativity chaos, and of God the cursed demon Amnesia
Lost not of the pneuma, but the soul faltered, the Memory in stasis held captive
Death’s counterfeit of which the Dreamer is chief, and knows not the fear of dying

His price a temporal nomad Cain, and forever he shall be The Dreamer

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