May 30

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There Are No Tips!

If you look at blogs about writing, you will find that many like to give you the “Top Ten Tips To Write a Bestseller In Less Than Two Weeks” spiel.

My assumption is that this is because the career of a writer can be scary: the creative process is often so mysterious and subjective that it’s very hard to truly know whether or not you can be good at it until you try.

Instead, it’s comforting to believe that there is an easy fix: follow these rules and you’ll be successful, start your book with a “killer first sentence” and you’ll have everybody hooked. A person reads these rules and thinks ” it’s easy! I can be a writer too!” A writer, instead, looks at these rules and frowns. They know that the moment writing becomes governed by a set of rules it loses its magic, becoming just a string of words on a page.

At this point, you might be asking yourself why I decided to include a category of “writing tips” if I don’t want to give you any tips. Good point.

The reason is that I do want you to become the best writer you can be. I just don’t believe that the easy fix will help you achieve your goal. Instead, I will use this section to share with you all of the knowledge that I and the writers I admire have accumulated over the years. I hope to be able to use our stories and advice to enable you to find your own path to success.

Ultimately, the best tip that anyone could ever give you is this: write because you can’t help it. Write because you would rather do that than anything else. If you take this approach, you will be successful, regardless of whether or not you follow anyone else’s “tips.”



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