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Jun 18

Picturesque Nexus

Enchanted by your simple grace, entranced in shameless gaze
My eyes locked helpless in surrender, my soul now caught ablaze
Serendipitous silence fashioned, our fate in volatile skies abode
You my light in darkness twisted, I forever acquiesced as yours

Life a fearful melancholy, yet to that emptiness you reside
Time forgotten in your arms, I am comforted by your side
The world my hell unwanted gift, but you my savior undeserved
Where once would lay a pitted gap, my heart now born anew in you

In mystery you shed my naivety, exposing the world uncharted
My love still fresh from life’s womb, my life still not yet started
Empassioned with desire from the fountains of your youth
Your breath of life, love, and joy consumes me!

In a life where all is lost or recanted, you my karmic spirit indwelled
The life unworthy of living without, love for you my heart now swelled
Where tortuous mundane did once reside, your smile effortlessly excites
Where one I lived in a purgatory crestfallen, you are my angel

My true bird of paradise, my flowering pristinity, my eagle’s wings

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Jun 17


My emotions are floating, like a butterfly
Beautiful but sharp and unpredictable
When will they finally land and be at peace
Relaxing and showing my wings
To the one person that sees me as pretty
Delicate to touch
Don’t squeeze me too tightly
You cannot catch me
I’ll fly to you

I cannot remember how many times
I’ve flown the other way
Hiding the things I should have said
Some mistakes are simply easy to repeat

This time is different
I flew to you

Emptying my locked up soul
Treasure and skulls
Accepting me as a whole
It’s my heart you stole
And I’ll play my role
In our happiness

I flutter around endlessly
Emotions I’ve never felt
Pushing and pulling me
Like a drug I cannot sober up from
I tell myself this is how I’m supposed to feel
This is how a butterfly flows through the wind of life

It’s the one thing I understand fully
Yet lack the tools to calm it down
They’ve never been made
My brain is reforming
My body is warming
I anticipate what’s forth coming
Over the hill and around the trees
The path is hard to see

I don’t want to know what’s next
Keep making me feel my best
Bring out the angels and demons
They’ve been locked up screaming
An emotionally fight I’m going to win
Fluttering day by day in the wind
You make me feel like a butterfly.

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Jun 13

A Misunderstanding

A misunderstanding, like a broken bone, should be set straight as soon as possible (while perspectives are still fluid), if it is to heal properly.

Otherwise, while the raw pain eventually subsides, it hardens, misshapen. Once this has happened, only by breaking it open again can it be reset and fully restored.

…and this, of course, is a rather risky operation.

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Jun 10

Die Bitch

Have you ever loved a woman who turned out to be a black hearted vermin?

and seen her break your heart into multiple pieces, after you handed it to her on a platter?

and then, you collected all the pieces, stapled them together, and meekly submerged it in the tar of her love again?


Sometimes… she pierced it so hard, blood spat out like venom from a serpent’s fangs

and you plugged the holes with whatever you had, it hurt so much, and you wished you were stronger..


Eventually, you lost all but one fragment of hope, and all your gargantuan love hung off it perilously.

Once again, you wished, you were stronger..


Have you ever seen a man crying in a public bathroom, resting his head on the dirty mirror?

His fists are clenched and his shirt is stained, shoes undone and blood dripping off his arm

His tears have formed brown trails on the glass,  a squalid pool lies beneath them,

This guy has a relentless mortgage, you know. All his hope just drains down the toilet


Half his mind is contemplating suicide, the other half a public massacre,

He is angry at himself, but also enraged against humanity and what has become of this world,

He would literally give an arm and a leg for a bowl of cereal in his mother’s lap right now,

You wish you could go up to him and hand him a half-used crayon and say “its all right.”

And once again, you wished, you were stronger.


Have you noticed a stray dog in the streets of New York, licking an open wound?

You wonder if it licks the wound to heal it, or because it likes the taste of its own blood.

You can see its rabid skin, stretched around its brittle ribs, and foam seething off its mouth,

and after it’s done with the licking and gnawing, it looks up to the sky with hope,

and immediately thereafter pokes its nose into the drain to garner its daily dose of squalor.

You wonder why it looks at the sky, and what it hopes for, and then why it looks back into the drain,

and how hopelessly hopeless of a being it is,

and what does it (if it can) think every morning when it wakes up?

You feel like slapping the kid who troubles the dog and feeding his five-pound hamburger to it,

And, once again, you wished you were stronger.


For all of the sad and miserable people and beings that exist in the world, one thing stands true:

There is a way they can be happy again, there is a thing that could mend most, if not all.

But what about you, who won’t be happy even if you got the love of the fiendish woman you loved?

You know deep down that all the things you’ve lost in her pursuit weigh much more

than the joy you would get when you kiss her on a rainy evening, while walking under the same umbrella,

And you know  that her desensitizing smile can’t extirpate all the eternal sorrow that’s embedded in your heart,

that she will one day change her mind about you for someone with a tattoo and a circumcision,

and you wish with all you heart that you could stop submitting your soul the distress of her whimsical desires…

And, once again, you wished you were stronger.

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Jun 10


Like a present on Christmas

Wrapped up with a nice pretty bow

I didn’t know what to expect

I just saw the beauty of the wrapping paper

Little by little I started to unwrap it

Each second bringing a bigger smile to my face

There goes the bow, now the tape

It’s intense, “what is it? What’s inside”

The thrill of getting to know you

The patience it takes not to rip the paper

There’s no rush, I’ll take my time

The present is in my hands and for now it’s mine

Finally, the paper is gone and I can see what was inside

Tears fall from my eyes as I set it down

Because when you receive something so beautiful in life

Which you never even knew existed

All you can do is wonder

Why you’d let even one day be missed

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Jun 09

I Dream Of You!

My heart awash in breathless silence, a tranquil dream of you
Our words echoed in resounding emotion, this love a dream come true
Lost in crystal candidity, consummation now our goal
The truth committed wholehearted to us, this mystic trust has made us whole

Words conveyed the meaning limited, but souls speak where the language fails
Heart against heart, the beatings wield, a rhythmed path to be fulfilled
Holding steady, the moment preserved, Turned from dream to reality
Too good to be true, yet here you are, my angelic soulmate in front of me

I dream of you, my heart filled with joy, hoping you also dream of me
That in our dreams our hearts become one, manifesting ecstasy
Though undeserved this precious moment, longing still to make it last
The whole world now stretched bright before us, camouflaging a wretched past

In this dream our love empowered, a subtle tease of days to come
Euphoria of emotions overwhelmed, entranced as two become one
Love returned anew from sojourn, salvaged an ocean of prodigality
Betwixt my desire and weakness to you, I know you’re the only one for me

If there be a price for eternal happiness, my soul indeed is owed to you
For in the light of your tender embrace, my heart made whole anew
Requite this debt a lifetime needed, each day a delight to repay
My heart, my soul, my essence yours, though words cannot suffice to say

How much I love you!

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Jun 08

The Dreamer

Another day lost to the Dreamer, his whisper a subtle closure negate
Climaxed at the peak of a jaded euphoria, despair recanted a simple wish
Wrinkles Lost in the depths of time, yet even Time a victim to conditioning
Nexus to none, the day swept away, the Memory a forgotten heartless sign

Immortal Untouchable condescend, the impromptu Dreamer’s play!
Devoid of meaning beyond the moment, his Memory in fossil shall stay
Inconsequence the Fool of fidelity avoided, Now as Then as Will Be!
Naught of his entice will remain to know, a fragment lost at the Turn of each day.

Wilt you to suffice the Dreamer’s intangibility
With each day that passes anticipate, his Love passed on in the lucidly abstract
His heart a rampant volatile truth, His life an art of dynamia trampled
Each day born anew, his heart a melancholic match forgeable.

Saturated in the deep waters of identity reconstitute, a new day his reckoning
The price of creativity chaos, and of God the cursed demon Amnesia
Lost not of the pneuma, but the soul faltered, the Memory in stasis held captive
Death’s counterfeit of which the Dreamer is chief, and knows not the fear of dying

His price a temporal nomad Cain, and forever he shall be The Dreamer

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Jun 08

Saw Some Pictures Today

Running through an old Eastman color album
I came across some moments captured in time

Magpie sitting on a branch picking food
Innocent sparrow looking around

Flowing river accepting everything that comes its way
Old banyan quietly bearing the Indian summer sun

And now I wonder, why do people always cry?
Sometimes everything is not enough for us.

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Jun 06


For what purpose can this poor soul carry this burden?

Living a life so devoid of meaning or truth!

Can there be any worthy justification for this suffering?

The madness that lurks beneath the mask that is he


For whom shall this wretched existence live for?

Who might somehow take this agony away?

There is no one who can contain his suffering!

Only a face of falsehood to steal the evidence


In the midst of others he too can mask the pain

The ignorance of the masses provides temporary relief

But before long the truth overwhelms him

This feigned happiness was naught but a dream!


This lone pilgrim is on a never-ending journey

To find a sacred truth that cannot exist

To fulfill a dream that must not come to be!

Is there anything that can end this torture?


A nomad of timeless beauty untold

The mask a mere sample of the savage within

Nothing can provide satisfaction to this wretched soul!

What meaning is there in a life where naught can satisfy?


Is there any hope for a person without purpose?

Surely not, for without purpose there can be no meaning!

Hope must indeed be nothing but an illusion to this man!

Without a purpose or hope, all he has, all he lives for is Wanderlust!


To seek the unfindable, to become the unthinkable, to inspire the unknowable

The Wanderlust may provide sustenance to others, but cannot feed himself

Forever he must wander in a purgatory of his own creation

To his own eternal demise

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Jun 05


Call me

Write me

Your words always enlighten me

It frightens me to see

We aren’t using all our possibilities

To be the brothers

Close like when we used to hold our mother

But we stutter and find

What crosses our minds

Is not each other

And I don’t want to smother you

But I love you

I want my word to feed you

You’re my hip hop music

I always want to listen to it

It puts me at peace

And that’s just the very least

It settles my beast

Makes him cease to exist

I too have a long list

Of what I need to accomplish

But you’re at the top

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