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Jun 19

Wor(d)ressed to Impress – link your way to a richer, more sophisticated vocabulary

Today, I found an anonymous quote that made me smile: “Da Da”: Powerful enough to make a grown man cry when spoken for the first time by his son.

Words are more powerful than we would like to admit. This is why choosing the right word is an essential aspect of being a good writer.  Below, I have compiled a list of some links that will hopefully help you in this endeavor. I hope you find the links useful, interesting, or at least amusing! Let me know if you come across other websites that might be useful to us writers!

  • Wordreference: a must for anyone attempting to write in a foreign language. Weaning myself from this website was torture, but I’m proud to not be using it every 5 seconds now, just as I am grateful to it for helping me to get through university.
  • Word mistakes to avoid In this post, the author outlines some outrageous, but sadly common mistakes that could easily send your reputation of capable writer down an endless abyss. Read, laugh, and remember!
  • Food descriptors: sensory information conveys a thick, strong layer of depth and verisimilitude to the characters in your story. You want to have your  characters dig their fingers into pounds of nachos, lick their plates, savor every bite of their favorite ice cream… but you don’t want to have juicy fruits, salty potato chips, and similarly predictable descriptions. What you need is this website, some cook books and a good appetite!
  • A Word A Day – Website in which you can learn the meaning of a new word each day.
  • Latin phrases – If you want to add a touch of pseudo-intelligence to your writing.
  • Synonyms for words often used by students – For when a 2,000-word vocabulary just isn’t quite enough.
  • Quotes you can use to enrich your posts – “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone elses opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”
  • Synonym finder – Anything is better than “thing.”
  • 100 most beautiful words in the English language – Because Eloquence is the Labyrinthine Cynosure of Effervescent Ebullience!
  • Words writers shouldn’t use – (See above)
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